Evidence to anticipate and demonstrate building performance


Your answer is unique to the situation. It may include technical advice or a specialist report which we are happy to help with.

  • Value engineering and CAPEX savings
  • Non-structural façade engineering
  • Fabric performance for insulation, membranes, glazing, mass
  • Indoor air quality and ventilation efficacy
  • Solar gain, shading, and daylight
  • Occupant thermal comfort, acceptability and satisfaction
  • Controls, occupant feedback, and operation protocols
  • Design decision modelling
  • Energy efficiency and OPEX including NZBC H1 compliance
  • Natural and mechanical ventilation including NZBC G4 compliance
  • NZGBC Greenstar and Homestar modelling
  • Moisture management  – Interstitial / Internal condensation and mould risk including NZBC E3 compliance
  • Thermographic imaging for fault finding
  • Environmental monitoring for thermal comfort, light and indoor air quality
  • Occupant surveys, POE and building wellness


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