Every building can be better


Do you know what you’re getting? Wouldn’t you want to know the answer?

  • Is the building fit for purpose in design or occupation?
  • How to know about the impacts and integration of designs for the building structure, materials and services?
  • On what basis to make choices for the building’s façade, shading, form, mass and insulation and how they depend on the HVAC design and ventilation strategy?
  • Which materials to specify, where and why?
  • Whether money is invested in the right things or spent to no gain?
  • How to consider success for the occupants and be sure your intent will be reflected in the final building?
  • Whether people can go about their business healthily and productively in the building?
  • Can the design be futureproofed?
  • Will the structure be affected over the years by internal moisture?

“Thanks for getting involved. We would have been blithely going on
thinking we had a design, and then finding out too late that it was a
‘not fit for purpose’ building.” 

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