Ruth Williams

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027 508 8024

Ruth Williams CEng BEng PhD

Ruth’s career began in building services engineering and she specialises in the indoor environment. Her knowledge of the occupant experience and its specification for thermal comfort and indoor air quality is matched by her building physics expertise and the use of passive engineering to provide energy efficient robust design.

Connecting ideas across seemingly unconnected fields of technology and endeavour allows Ruth to deliver insight when answers are needed, sometimes before there are even questions. Ruth wants you to get more for less and her desire to seek options and test ideas is matched by a desire to see the results in action and outcomes achieved.

Owen Williams

Contact Owen
021 192 1611

Owen Williams BSc

Owen’s science and technology background has given him particular expertise in linking data to outcomes. His organisational knowledge encompasses supporting business critical decision making in New Zealand and worldwide. The flows of heat, light, air and moisture are some of Owen’s many interests.

Talk to Owen and he’ll tell you what motivates him; his world is full of problems to be fixed, solutions to be found, and new ideas to apply. Owen likes to see the whole picture and, in doing that, his ‘people matter’ philosophy is paramount; whatever he does is for people and with people, meeting need and enhancing outcomes.

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