For a return on investment, invest in returns


Building performance is a measure of the ways in which people affect the building and the building affects the people. When people use their building it should be a resource not a constraint, and in turn occupancy should not cause degradation to the building. When the two are fitted to each other we get a building that works.

Designs for the form, the structure, the façades, the materials and the building services all impact on the internal conditions and affect the thermal environment, moisture management, indoor air quality and light levels. The overall effect is measured by an efficient, stable and durable building and success in comfort, health, productivity and satisfaction for the people using it.

When we plan for successful occupancy and a building which will stand the test of time we optimise systems and designs to meet the function of the building and the prevailing loads. These are caused by a combination of the climate and occupancy and can be met using the best arrangement of materials, plant, features and controls. The important thing is to use the right ones in the right place at the right time and that is unique to your building.


Start by working out what your answer should be. What do you need for your occupants and what do you need from your building. This is where working with InsideOut early on in the project is a huge benefit.

“The end result is a building that works better for longer”

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