Why Wouldn’t You Want To Know?

The secret to a good story is suspense. The suspense of not knowing what is going to happen. Of course, if that story is the design and lifetime of the building then it’s perhaps not the sort of suspense you want to have. Unless you’re the author that is, and you are confident of the happy ending.

Often we at InsideOut see, with the best of intentions, the same storyline reappearing in the next building. The same glass because it was the choice made last time; the insulation levels applied as scheduled; the internal conditions immovable. The trouble is that often the characters have changed, the location has changed and the plot of this building is an entirely different shape. Every building is a different story.

InsideOut’s building performance engineering is a bit like a good editor. Someone who allows you to see things from a different angle; to consider how to get to the ending; to choose the best fit for each aspect of design – without the suspense. Knowing what will happen is what makes your authorship of each unique building so powerful.

The Way To Build Suspense

Author: Ruth Williams – Principal, Buildings That Work InsideOut Ltd

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